FriedaSophie is a San Francisco-based designer.

Her work is modern and unconventional.

An avid traveler with a keen interest for unexpected beauty, she derives inspiration from different ethnicities and cultures.

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, the collection is made from carefully selected gemstones in combination with sterling silver and 14k gold.

Her collections feature a timeless and elegant design.

She believes in the permanence of a piece and hopes that people will treasure her jewelry for generations to come.

Friedasophie hand crafts all jewelry components in her own studio using only the finest materials purchased from her trusted suppliers.

The materials used are one of a kind gemstones, mineral stones, geodes, unique fossils and natural specimens.

Each stone is hand picked and made into a original piece of art.

All pieces in her store were made by using ethical business practices.

Friedasophie is carried worldwide and has been featured in numerous


Her unique style has attracted collectors and esteemed retailers of fine jewelry.